KJ File Manager

Easily manage your karaoke files and correct title errors easily with powerful batch editing. Supports the common standard naming formats. Automatically auto-corrects for underscores and capitalization, swap Title and Artist, shift, split, and replace


DataPipe interactively or automatically search replaces data in ANY table. You can correct capitalization in people's names, standardize formatting of addresses, extract email addresses, search and replace using advanced pattern matching, fuzzy and sounds


DataPipe Database Search Replace  v.4.0

Advanced interactive search replace directly in database tables with patterns, fuzzy and sounds-like matching,trim leading and trailing blanks and binary characters,correct capitalization,code your own transform in VBScript or JScript and heaps more

OggTag  v.5 9

Tag processor can edit MP3, Apple iTunes M4a, Musepack MPC, WMA, OGG Vorbis, WavPack, FLAC, APE, WAV files; rename a group of files and folders by tag information; generate tags by filenames and folders path; change capitalization; create Windows Med

MP3BookHelper  v.2. 3. 2004

This program provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions. Mass Tag editing is done using special variables and Regular Expressions. Undo and preview for all changes, capitalization, search and

Toricxs  v.1.4

This MP3/WMA/WAV renamer, tagger and organizer creates tags out of file names. The cleaning process (i.e. capitalization, spacing, HTML code replacement) works automatically, requiring almost no tag entering by hand.

WinFR  v.5.30

This program is a software for simultaneous renaming of several files in one step. The renaming modifications are displayed in a preview. A number of options like numbering, replacing/removing, renaming by date/time and capitalization are available.

Clerk  v.1.0

Organize your TV series with this application. Clerk is a video organizing program. Designed to simplify the organization of TV Series video files. Standardizes show names, season/episode formatting and proper capitalization.

InvestmentHelper  v.

This application calculates final capital using this formula: FC=ICx(1+P/c)^cxm FC - Final capital IC - Initial capital P - percentage c - capitalization m - number of months A list of calculated investments is stored in "History Pivot" which can

Tata  v.

Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest conglomerates in India by market capitalization and revenue.

Spellswell Plus Updater  v.2.1.6

Spellswell checks for spelling errors as well as common typos like capitalization errors, spaces before punctuation,double double word errors, abbreviation errors and mixed case errors.

Capital Search  v.1.3.2

Capital Search is useful for either introducing or reviewing the concept of capitalization with mid-elementary-aged students.

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